Nutritional Therapy for women with Hypothyroidism

Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle guidance for the woman who is always tired, and tired of being tired

My Approach

I am here to help you regain your energy. So much of the common, chronic health conditions stem from lifestyle choices that are easy to change.

With Nutritional Therapy, I will help you understand how your food, movement, and sleep choices are affecting your health and offer you the tools you need to live with more energy, digest better, and find peace in your body. Your life experience is unique, and so are your nutritional and health needs.

My practice is built on promoting mindful and joyful eating. I believe that every person has the innate ability to live in tune with their body and restore their health; I simply help uncover the road to intuitive living. 

The clients I work with

Full time Working woman

All stress all the time.
She has no time to learn something new, and just wants tangible results and with a simple action plan.

Woman who has major digestive issues

Nothing she eats ever makes her feel good.
She is always bloated, constipated,
and somehow uncomfortable in her body.

Woman who knows a lot about her condition

but less about nutrition.
She wants to learn how food can work better with her medication to yield better results.

Woman who has lost ability to do Things

like she used to do before, and wants to regain that health again. Obviously she is not 99 years old and her hair is not even grey, so why does she feel so old?

Nutritional Therapy for women wi hypothyroidism

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