First, every client gets a one time 20 minute consultation over the phone for free. While I do my best to lay out my approach and services as clearly as possible, it is still important for every client to see me in action firsthand and assess if I am right for them. It is a chance to test out our ability to communicate with each other before any long term commitment. I also take the time to listen and see if/how I can be of help, or if it is best to refer the client out to another practitioner. 

If the client is comfortable and would like to sign up, they can do so for an initial 2-part interview. After doing their first homework and filling an intake/history form and a 5-day food and mood journal, I do mine and review all this data and prepare for our meeting. We meet for the very first time for 90 minutes to take a detailed history and discuss where the client is right now and where they hope to be. 2-4 days later, we meet again for an hour to discuss the details of the client’s personalised recommendations.

Please click here to book the one time only free 20 minute consultation.

I am an NTP, I do not diagnose or treat. Many people, including myself, have reversed the progression of autoimmunity with nutritional therapy and lifestyle interventions, but there is no guarantee that this is always achievable. Positive change is definitely possible when the client shows up for themselves and takes an active role for the betterment of their health. My job is to educate, lay the groundwork and guide, but it is actually the client that does the work day in and day out.   

Please consider how long you have been dealing with the issues that have led you to this website. It is unrealistic to expect a quick and complete solution for all your concerns in a matter of days or weeks when you have been dealing with them for months and years, maybe even decades. This is the reason I offer 3 and 6 months packages, to offer continued support and guidance to those who need it. 

I make the education process simple, and I provide you with steps and actions that are easy to take and suitable to your capabilities and resources, so that you can make changes long-term and get results long-term. You may notice some improvements early on in the process, but the bigger changes need time and for you to give this process a chance.

Absolutely not! I am not a doctor or pharmacist and this is outside my scope of practice. Only a licensed doctor can monitor your lab work and medication. It is the client’s responsibility to inform their doctor of any changes to lifestyle and nutrition, and to monitor their condition and get lab testing with a medical professional as they are making these improvements. 

This is the service that is offered widely, and the service that I actually think is a disservice for most people. It is amazing to me that so many people pay exuberant amounts of money, where they wait for hours in a clinic to get the same handout that everyone else gets after a 10 minute chat,  don’t see sustainable results longterm on said handout and think this is somehow their fault, and still go back to try it again, telling themselves that “well, this is a different meal plan, the details are different and I will do better this time because I have learned”. Here’s me, an army of one if you will: I do not perpetuate this toxic cycle, and there is nothing wrong with anyone and no one “fails” because they did not follow instructions correctly. 

(Notice that I am purposely avoiding a certain word, because I am acutely aware of just how dangerous that word is and it no longer exists in my vocabulary)

Not only do I not want my clients to go to a source that keeps them stuck with these very harmful beliefs, I also do not want a client to need me forever. I am not in the repeat business, I want my clients to stop coming to me at some point. I want my clients to understand and learn first, because that is the best way for them to make changes and that is the best way to keep improving, whether they are working with me, someone else, or are completely on their own. 

I am in the business of giving you the tools to live with joy, and the ability to do so with the least amount of help possible. My job is to help you break free from whatever is not serving you and is holding you back. I don’t create fixed rules, I help my clients choose what is best for them, freely and on their own terms. Check out my Approach Statement on the home page, this blog post on “Elimination Protocol” and this one on “Bioindividuality”. 

I am sure I am not your average nutrition professional. I am not in any way better, and many have been practising far longer than I have. But I am different and I take an approach that reflects this difference. I value knowledge, and make sure my knowledge is always up-to-date and evidence-based. 

Just be clear, me wanting my clients to need the least amount of help is not me not wanting to help. Obviously I want to help, and I want to do this effectively and I want to provide a quality service. This does include nutrition recommendations, and this is how I do it without “the plan”:

  • Looking at your 5-day journal and your answers to a questionnaire about your history and frequency of symptoms, I explain to you what nutrients you might be missing from your plate and what nutrients you may be showing signs of needing. This is why the journal is not just about what and how much you’re eating, but also when, how and how this ties in to how you’re feeling and to your energy levels throughout the day every day, and much more.  
  • I take a foundational approach to health (click here to read what those 6 foundations are). The nutrition recommendations I offer you are uniquely yours based on these six foundations. For example, I provide you with tips and action steps you can take to alleviate your chronic bloating or constipation to support proper digestion of food. 
  • While I do my best to stay away from protocols and rigid plans, I do make suggestions for therapeutic foods to start incorporating in your meals. This could be for single ingredients (did you know I love Avocados and that they love me too), or for new dishes to try. I might share recipes with you from family or outside sources, or create a couple of delicious ones from scratch for your culinary journey and unique nutritional needs.

The list above is not all I do, I do more, less, or something a bit different depending on what the client needs. This is just an example. I have not even touched on lifestyle recommendations. 

All payments are made full and in advance to confirm the appointment and receive the intake forms. No refunds are made for late cancellations or after the appointment. 

I do my best to avoid client dissatisfaction by stating my purpose clearly, outlining my philosophy and approach, and by offering a free 20 minute consultation. A big bulk of my work starts before a first full interview as I review and analyse the intake forms, which is one of the reasons all payments are made in advance, and why all appointments should be booked at least 7 days in advance. I do not offer refunds if a client is dissatisfied with my services, but I am happy to listen to their feedback. 

Partial refunds only are made with the following conditions: Single appointments get a 50% refund if the cancellation is made earlier than 8 days before the appointment date. Packages get 50% refund if a cancellation is made at least 2 weeks in advance. Again, cancellations made later are not refunded, neither fully nor partially. 

Rescheduling an appointment is possible 2 weeks before the appointment or earlier at no extra cost. Requests sent later to reschedule up to a week before the appointment include extra charges. Short-note requests to reschedule are considered cancellations, meaning there is no refund and the booking of a new appointment is a new full cost. 

Consulting Packages

Intake Package

Two part interview: Day 1 assessment, Day 2
findings+plan | email/chat support for 2 weeks |
Total time 2.5 hours


1 hour follow up every 2 weeks, or 30 minutes
every week |total 6 hours over 3 months |
offered only post intake


support over 3 months|two part intake +
weekly or bimonthly follow-ups, 8.5 hour total|
complimentary pantry clean up halfway through

Single Consultations

Discovery Call

20 minute pre signup inquiries |one time only



Offered only post intake package

Pantry Cleanup

2 hour visit | hands-on education on food selection,
preparation & storage | 50% off with intake package

to book your consultation as a new client